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Make an Appointment. Your first step to feeling better, finding peace, and fulfilling your goals and desires is one phone call away. Located conveniently in Central New Jersey, Christ Centered Family Counseling is a safe place to start the healing process. Phone or Skype counseling and/or coaching is also available. Office hours are by appointment only so call Dr. Angelina DaSilva for a phone consultation and to set up an appointment at 908-735-5533.

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Healing Is Here. Life is a journey and sometimes that journey can be bumpy. For those times in your life when you need a bit of navigation, let Christ Centered Family Counseling be your GPS --God Powered Strength! Through understanding who God created you to be and learning how to meet your emotional needs in positive and Godly ways, you can achieve balance, inner peace, and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.